The Vision - Enneagram - Type 5 ?

I have to start this one off and ask, can an android have a personality type? Well, I'm not an expert and won't even try to answer the question but since The Vision and Scarlett Witch fell in love, I'm going to say there is something to work with here.

A little bit about the Vision. He was created by Ultron with the brain patterns of one of my favorite Marvel superheroes Wonderman. He flip flopped on the sides of good and evil. He initially did Ultron’s evil bidding but then turned on him, siding with the Avengers on the side of good. Later, he flipped to evil again (although he felt he was on the side of good) when his control crystal malfunctioned. He took control of all computers on Earth in a bid to protect mankind from themselves and sought worldwide peace. He realized this was futile and disconnected himself from the computers. By that point though, the Government had enough, saw him as a security risk, seized him, and completely dissembled him. Well, The Avengers missed their pal, retrieved his parts and Hank Pym reassembled him. Hank did not “reinstall” Wonderman’s brain patterns….apparently Simon Williams didn’t appreciate having an android running around with his personality and memories…go figure. Of course, he was later destroyed yet again, this time by She Hulk. Never down for the count, Vision was again “resurrected” within Iron Lad’s suit of Armor. Wow, the Vision apparently is trying to give cats a run for their money…9 lives? No problem!

Oh…and by the way…interwoven into the above mess….an on again off again love affair with the Scarlett Witch. Vision certainly may have had one of the most interesting “lives” of an android!

A little about his powers. He is able to alter his density from ethereal to harder than diamond. He used this power in a variety of ways including the deadly method of plunging his intangible hand in to someone's chest and then making is solid again, something he called “physical disruption”. Wow…that’s cold dude. Given some of the villains he helped the Avengers fight, probably had no choice, but wow. He was incredibly strong, could fly, was of course super intelligent and could fire directed beams of energy through the control crystal in his forehead. Pretty good guy to have on your side I would say.

So, how might The Vision be characterized from an Enneagram perspective?

Type 5 - The Investigator

A Type 5 Investigator is loosely defined as Intense, Cerebral Type: Perceptive, Innovative, Secretive and Isolated.

This is my first repeat in the series as I tagged The Black Widow as this same personality type. The common theme here, the ability to be 100% ice cold. No emotion, possibly easier for The Vision, but I suspect he struggled with it as well. As he developed emotion, feelings for the Scarlett Witch and comprehensive knowledge of humanity's struggles, it must have plagued him in ways no one would understand. He was clearly cerebral, noticed and analyzed every single little detail and could be perceived as being innovative given his ability to process many different scenarios and solutions quickly. Secretive, certainly at times, generally to “protect others” from harm. He was likely often isolated, not truly being able to relate to the human beings around him (other than his evolving and I am sure confusing emotions when it came to Scarlett Witch).

In the immortal words of AC/DC if you needed “dirty deeds done dirt cheap”, pairing The Vision and Black Widow together would be the way to go!

What do you think?

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