Iron Man - Enneagram - Type 3 ?

Let's just start with one of Tony Stark's more prevalent traits, vanity. It is clear in everything he does. He loves the spotlight and ensures nothing he does goes unnoticed.

Tony grew up in the limelight and within a world of immense wealth. As an arms dealer, he was a swashbuckling, risk taking playboy. He was smart, he knew people needed what he had to offer and he took advantage of it.

When this lifestyle led him to severe injury and some dark places, he emerged more confident than ever and with abilities, via his new suit, that made him feel invincible. His vanity and arrogance was intact. Public attention and adoration was at a level he had never known. Given his near death experience and his now lifelong health risk, he took "Carpe Diem" to the extreme.

He had a relentless drive to improve his suit allowing him to accomplish more and more. Failure was never a negative but rather an opportunity to improve and overcome any obstacle. His suit became part of who he was and a "safety net" of sorts to expand his sometime reckless behavior.

Every time Tony Stark or Iron Man show up it was with showmanship and flair. Grand entrances, overindulgence and a continue stream of wise cracks define his persona. Fast cars, grand mansions and beautiful women was the world he weaved around him.

A lavish lifestyle and desire for the grandiose was what defined Tony Stark. Of course, if you peel back that shiny exterior, there was another Tony. One with a passion to defeat evil. One that never quit and was driven to make up for mistakes he had made in his life. He battled alcoholism, a deep regret for his arms dealing past and a mission to prevent anyone from using his inventions as weapons.

So, how might he be characterized from an Enneagram perspective?


A Type 3 Achiever is loosely defined as Success-Oriented, Pragmatic Type: Adaptive, Excelling, Driven, and Image-Conscious.

Sounds pretty close to me. All of the defined characteristics are clearly identified above with the possible exception of pragmatic. But even that fits. His approach to saving his life and creating his first suit of armor was business like and practical. He often defers to Captain America when it comes to leadership or tactics showing his no-nonsense approach to winning a battle by allowing Steve Rogers to do what he does best.

So, what do you think? Leave your comments and don’t forget, Have Fun!

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