Captain America - Enneagram - Type 1?

Steve Rogers has a storied background. Growing up in the 1930's and 1940's he was greatly influenced by a sense of patriotism and a firm belief that good always triumphs over evil. His physical characteristics, however, did not match with this passion and his natural resiliency.

What could be done to allow Steve to pursue what he believes to be his purpose in life? Well, how about a top secret experimental procedure to make Steve a super solider? Sounds like plan.

Steve is transformed and can physically do the things his heart desires! Victory after victory over evil! He is making a difference! Then reality hits Captain America hard. He loses his best friend, he gives up the love of his life to save others. He is frozen for seventy years only to be reawakened in a completely different era.

Wow, Steve Rogers/Captain America has been through a lot, way more than could ever be mentioned here. Knowing what we know if him, how might he be characterized from an Enneagram perspective?


A Type 1 Reformer is loosely defined as as rational, idealistic type. Principled, purposeful, self-controlled and a perfectionist.

If that doesn't describe Captain America, I'm not sure what does. His very nature is built on a foundation of rock solid principals. His values are strong and unwavering. He is the consummate “do-gooder" with a strong set of ideals. He naturally takes on leadership roles even among other superheroes (i.e. The Avengers and The Invaders) as he has clear purpose, is rational and calm. He is the very definition of a leader who has a "steady hand on the wheel".

Is he a perfectionist. Maybe. When he loses his super strength, his work ethic takes over. His attention to making his body and mind strong and agile without the superhuman drug is an obsession. He endlessly pursues every detail of his fighting technique. Without superhuman ability, he knows that ever decision and every move must be perfect or he risks failure.

So, what do you think? Leave your comments and don’t forget, Have Fun!

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