Personality Types and Superheroes - Intro

Over the years I have had the opportunity to take various personality tests usually as part of a leadership development course or an off-site. Sometimes it can feel a bit like laying on a therapists couch or being poked and prodded with medical instruments by a doctor. Generally though, I've had fun with the experience and found the results fascinating.

Here are my results from Enneagram, Myers-Brigs and FIRO-B:

I was introduced to Enneagram by my wife Andee through her relationship with Suzanne Stabile, one of the authors of the book The Road Back To You, An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery. Out of the various methods, I was intrigued on how accurate I felt the Enneagram approach was and it is now my favorite way to label myself (because, you know, labelling is important :).

So, we thought we might have some fun at Storming The Castle and take a stab at some Enneagrams of various Superheroes. Disclaimer; I am by no way an expert but know enough to be dangerous and look to have some fun with this new weekly series.

Coming soon: Steve Rogers / Captain America

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