Marvel's Quicksilver - Speed Explained?

Some of my favorite comics growing up were Marvel and the X-Men. I loved the every changing characters, the epic storylines, the back stories and the all of the drama. Two of my favorite heroes that were featured in both comic book series were the twins; Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver. Their backstory was sad, their journey through life super tough and well...their powers....legendary!

Getting to see them come to life in Marvel movies was amazing! I love how the parts were cast and how the story of their history was told. Of course some of my favorite parts of these characters was the humor both brought forward as we all have become used to in the Marvel cinematic universe. Scarlett Witch's dry one liners and Quicksilver's antics while running at super speed left me literally laughing out loud numerous times.

So, when I saw the following article from by Rhett Allain entitled "Maybe Quicksilver Doesn’t Have Super-Speed—He Might Warp Time" I had to read it. This is a great piece using science to try to explain what Quicksilver is able to do and suggesting that time manipulation, not super speed is Quicksilver's power.

More info about Wanda and Pietro can be found here

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