You Must Try The Munchkin Card Game!

If you’ve never played the game Munchkin before you’re missing out on an “experience” to have with friends and family! If you love sarcasm and puns, like games where you can choose to work together or against each other, this game might be for you.

Munchkin is a quick to learn, hilarious card game made by Steve Jackson Games. Made for 3-6 players ages 10 and up, the game can be quick or might last up to 1 - 2 hours.

The objective of the gams is to be the first to get your character to level ten by defeating adversaries and grabbing treasure. You may even find the opportunity to stab your friends in the back and steal their stuff!

Basic game play is simple. Each turn you “kick open the door” to fight a monster and/or grab treasure. It’s gets a bit more challenging quickly though…your fellow gamers can choose to team up with the adversary to defeat you, you may need to enlist your fellow gamers to help you defeat a monster through various means…bribery with treasure seems to work. Throw in a curse here and there and a variety of other twists and you have yourself a night to remember!

My favorite part of the game are the cards themselves. Check out the pictures below of cards from the original version of Munchkin…funny stuff….can’t say more…

Munchkin comes in a variety of different versions including Original, Marvel, Zombies, Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas and more!

Buy a Storming The Castle Tower Pack at grab your favorite themed Munchkin game along with a matching Pop! Vinyl (maybe to use as a Trophy to crown that Munchkin Champion!). The included chocolate and coffee will keep everyone energized during game play and the Munchkin scoring sheets will make it easy to keep track of who is winning and who wishes they were (also known as losing:)).

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Have Fun!

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