What The Heck is a Pop! Vinyl???

For those of you who do not own at least one Pop! Vinyl figure or maybe don’t even know what one is, I thought I would take a moment to get you hooked on the craze!

Pop! Vinyl Figures are collectible, pop culture, “big headed” figures. They come in a variety of sizes from 1” “minis” to 4” figures. They are patterned after every imaginable character and person.

Manufactured by Funko (www.funko.com), a “purveyor of pop culture and licensed-focused collectibles” located in Everett, Washington they are a "local NW" product but a world wide obsession!

Only available from shady people in dark alleys (okay…I made that up :). Actually, they have been (and are) very common at pop culture conventions such as the San Diego Comic-Con or the Rose City Comic Con, but every day there are more sightings and opportunities to grab one. Start watching...I'll bet you start noticing them now!

Like any collectible, you can do many things with them. Leave them in the box, wait for Funko to “vault” them and maybe watch their value increase! Snag an exclusive one, sell it and pay for your kid’s college education (well maybe not quite but there are Pop! Vinyl’s on eBay going for thousands). You can pull them out of the box and display them, put them on your desk, use them for a trophy, etc.

Some of my favorites include Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions (he sits on my desk willing a Super Bowl for the Lions), Retro 80’s characters such as Ferris Beuller and John Bender, “Eleven” from Stranger Things, Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones and Daryll from The Walking Dead.

Rolling Stone did a great article on them in 2014.


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Have Fun!


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