How can I get my friends or family to play board games with me!?!?!?

I know if you're like me, sometimes it is difficult to convince your friends or family to sit down and play a board game. With me, there is always a reason why that can't happen...and realistically...some are certainly valid and realistic.

Have you ever heard this?

"I'm too tired..."

"I don't have any time...."

"I just have to check Facebook, Instagram, <plug in any social media>"

"I'd rather watch TV..."

"I want to play a video game..."

"I'm doing something on my phone..."

Hmmm...the above examples just sound like bad excuses to me (of course I've probably used every one myself :)).

Board games in reality can be a great way to build bonds and memories with family and friends.

Following is an article entitled "Getting Your Friends To Love Role Playing Games" authored by Ryan Chaddock and posted on Geeks and Sundry's awesome website ( This article is specific to role playing games but I think the ideas and thoughts are spot on for any board game. Hope you enjoy the article and much as I did


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