Geek Coffee Beans

Bag of Four Themed Storming The Castle Coffee Sample Bags.  One each of Foundation, Hero, Rocket and Dragon.  Approximately 2 oz each.  Includes laminated coffee guide. Roasted in partnership with Dapper & Wise Roasters, Portland, Oregon.

Foundation Blend For Everyone

Dapper & Wise Tortoiseshell Blend. This coffee is approachable to just about everyone. It tastes great as espresso or drip, with milk or black, or anything else you might want to do with it! It's a flavor that is comforting and interesting; a nice part of your daily routine.

Hero Blend For The Superhero In All Of Us

Dapper & Wise Stag Blend. This coffee is bold, powerful and has complexity if you take the time to pay attention. It is dark and you think that you wouldn't like it, but something keeps you coming back for more like your favorite anti-hero.

Rocket Blend For The Scientist In Your Life

Dapper & Wise Highbrow Blend. This coffee is complex! With so many nuanced flavors you might want to pull out your note book and draw up your findings. Prepare to start over once it cools down because it's a whole new coffee with new flavors. After you finish your cup you can go back and compare notes.

Dragon Blend For The Serious Gamer

Dapper & Wise Guns & Gold Blend. This coffee is DARK. It is perfect for your late night gaming session with a bold flavor to keep you on your gaming toes. You can drink it black and look out for number 1 or try it with milk if you feel like extending a hand to your fellow gamer.

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